Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's All About Fashion.

Since it's already summer let's talk about some clothes I want to have in my closet. Let's begin with the tops, this past few days I have seen a lot of fashion designers who are wearing a blouse with beaded peter pan collar and I found it interesting. As you can see I am interested in long sleeves. I have a laced top with Peter Pan collar and now its one of my favorite. Aztec tops, well unfortunately I'm still wanting to have one. I know Forever21 has a lot of different prints of it but I have no chance to go there. I'm fond of wearing loose tops because it makes me look thinner. I always feel big everytime I wore fitted tops. Haha! 
The second part is the bottoms. I like wearing shorts than pants, maybe because for me it's more comfortable to wear but I don't want to wear too short shorts. He might scold me. I just wear pants when attending some formal occasion. Shorts is too casual but laced shorts is girly. I think if you'll partner it with a perfect top, it'll look classy and elegant.
Shoes! Well it's one of my favorite aside from bags. I have a lot of pairs of shoes. Some are flats, oxfords and sneakers. I often use my doll shoes and loafer. I swear it was very comfortable! I only wear some closed shoes like sneakers and oxford when I'm in the mood. It feels like my feet can't breathe. Lol Slip On, I don't have one yet but I think it's also easy to wear. Pumps! Hell, seriously heels don't want me. Haha, I don't know why but I love pumps. I'm always dreaming about wearing it sometimes. I swear I'll wear pumps on our Grad Ball soon.
And the last part is the accessories. I think, less accessories will make me more look beautiful. I mean it's more simple. My watch is only important to me. All of us are so stylish so I also like some selected accessories. Let's start with the necklaces and rings, it depends on your outfit if it'll look better wearing those  things but if your top has a sequins already it is not advisable to wear it. You'll just look "trying hard". Bangles help you to make more classy. It's important especially in formal attire. Detachable Collars! Seriously I'm dying to have one.I really want it and I think you can wear it with different tops. I first saw it on Tricia Gosingtian but I have no idea where to buy it.