Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nozomi's 1st Birthday!

Yesterday, April 23, 2012 was Nozomi's 1st Birthday. Nozomi was Cj's cute little sister and we celebrated it in RiverFront Residences, ClubHouse. The party started at 3:00pm but me and my Mom arrived at 1:00pm. My mom organized the party and our business (Photobooth) so we have to be there before the party starts.

The theme was Hello Kitty so the place was full of color pink and white! So cute!

So here are some of the photos I took while waiting for the visitors and specially him. <3


Say hi to my Mom! I miss taking pictures with her and I think this one is the most decent. Haha. I love face painting. The last time I had my butterfly was on Igo's 1st Birthday and yesterday I chose butterfly again but this one is better! 


Since the photobooth is our business, I don't want to take pictures sometimes. Maybe because I'm sick of it or I'm just shy. Haha! So I make the template. It's cute right? Haha! Well, I enjoyed taking photos with them. I just love those people! 

If you want guys to have a photobooth just email pixelike@yahoo.com for more info. Add also our Facebook Account to see the designs! www.facebook.com/PIXELIKE

Monday, April 23, 2012

SMART Fun Familia

Every year/summer Smart Company has an event for all the employees. Last year we went to Enchanted Kingdom and this year, we chose to go in Manila Ocean Park. I've been there for about last 2 or 3 years ago and the place was so simple but when I saw it last Saturday, it was so different. Well. thanks to Smart.

I really enjoyed the place so much, so we left the house around 11:00 am and we arrived at 12:00 pm. So obviously it was really HOT but we have no choice but to suffer. I got tan already but I don't even care, it's summer and it is normal for us to have that kind of complexion. 

So here's some of the photos

Cute little Rafa!

And so nowadays I'm fond of taking photos using Instagram so here are some of it.

Oh caught in the act! Haha.

After watching the Sea Lion Show we decided to go on Market Market. So me and my mom bought some new tops. Thank God we have the same size so I can borrow some of her clothes. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My iPhone 4 is the best thing I've got recently. iPhone is quite expensive so I don't get a chance to have one until  my Grandma bought it for me last October as her birthday gift to me. I was bored with my Nokia e63 and I've always want to have an iPhone since the beginning.

So let's start. Apple Application makes your iPhone, iPod, or even iPad colorful. Without applications, we all know that we can easily get bored with the gadgets we have right now. The first category is the Photo & Video. I love taking photographs and editing so it helps a lot to me. 
If you love taking pictures and make fun of it, then you must have those applications. Those applications were free so you can install it anytime. 

Pudding Camera. 
It is a Korean App that comes from the small developer KTH. If you don't have some toy camera paid apps like ClassicSAMP, AndiGraf or Camerabag this app is perfect for you. You can also share those pictures you have taken in Facebook etc.

Retro Camera.
It is just like Pudding camera where in you have six choices of cameras you want to use. You can also share your pictures.

It lets you take photos just like in Photobooth and what makes it cool is that you can edit it after you took pictures.

I think this one is familiar to you already. This app is also available in Android and you can use Pixlr-O-Matic using your desktop. 

Label Box.
I installed this app because the fonts were really cute and you can use it if you want to put some caption on the photos.

Hubba Hubba.
This app is just for fun. If you're bored with your photos, I suggest this app. Well, this app is really cute. Haha :")

And this post will not be complete without INSTAGRAM.
This is my most favorite app and I used it everyday! 
I don't need to explain this App anymore because many people are using it nowadays. 
This app is now available in Android so don't miss it.
You have to install this as soon as possible! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Holy Week 2012

It's Holy Week! Well, we all know that it's the only time where families are bonding together with God and having a vacation. So I spent my whole week at Tanay, Rizal with my cousins. It was really fun 'cause we did nothing but to eat, sleep, and eat! We're a big fan of Korean Dramas so we just watched some Korean Movies every night and we always sleep late at night.

My mom told me to used my new Iphone 4 case which my grandmother gave and I just love the color of my nails! Haha. I prefer to used Tan than pastel colors like yellow or something. I think it looks more clean and simple. 

Last Thursday, we had our Visita Iglesia and we went to seven churches. So we woke up around 6:00 am in the morning and sleep again for about 5 minutes. Haha, We're too sleepy because of watching Korean Movies every night. We left the house around 8:00 am so we can go home early. I took some photos during our Visita Iglesia. The churches were old and it looks really great.

The last church we visited is in the Liliw, Laguna and every year I always buy there a pair of shoes. There's a lot of shops there where you can buy a cheap shoes. The quality of their shoes is really great. I bought a doll shoes last year and it's still alive. Haha So I bought a loafers at Entrada because I like to color of it and I know that it's durable.