Tuesday, April 10, 2012


My iPhone 4 is the best thing I've got recently. iPhone is quite expensive so I don't get a chance to have one until  my Grandma bought it for me last October as her birthday gift to me. I was bored with my Nokia e63 and I've always want to have an iPhone since the beginning.

So let's start. Apple Application makes your iPhone, iPod, or even iPad colorful. Without applications, we all know that we can easily get bored with the gadgets we have right now. The first category is the Photo & Video. I love taking photographs and editing so it helps a lot to me. 
If you love taking pictures and make fun of it, then you must have those applications. Those applications were free so you can install it anytime. 

Pudding Camera. 
It is a Korean App that comes from the small developer KTH. If you don't have some toy camera paid apps like ClassicSAMP, AndiGraf or Camerabag this app is perfect for you. You can also share those pictures you have taken in Facebook etc.

Retro Camera.
It is just like Pudding camera where in you have six choices of cameras you want to use. You can also share your pictures.

It lets you take photos just like in Photobooth and what makes it cool is that you can edit it after you took pictures.

I think this one is familiar to you already. This app is also available in Android and you can use Pixlr-O-Matic using your desktop. 

Label Box.
I installed this app because the fonts were really cute and you can use it if you want to put some caption on the photos.

Hubba Hubba.
This app is just for fun. If you're bored with your photos, I suggest this app. Well, this app is really cute. Haha :")

And this post will not be complete without INSTAGRAM.
This is my most favorite app and I used it everyday! 
I don't need to explain this App anymore because many people are using it nowadays. 
This app is now available in Android so don't miss it.
You have to install this as soon as possible! 

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