Monday, April 23, 2012

SMART Fun Familia

Every year/summer Smart Company has an event for all the employees. Last year we went to Enchanted Kingdom and this year, we chose to go in Manila Ocean Park. I've been there for about last 2 or 3 years ago and the place was so simple but when I saw it last Saturday, it was so different. Well. thanks to Smart.

I really enjoyed the place so much, so we left the house around 11:00 am and we arrived at 12:00 pm. So obviously it was really HOT but we have no choice but to suffer. I got tan already but I don't even care, it's summer and it is normal for us to have that kind of complexion. 

So here's some of the photos

Cute little Rafa!

And so nowadays I'm fond of taking photos using Instagram so here are some of it.

Oh caught in the act! Haha.

After watching the Sea Lion Show we decided to go on Market Market. So me and my mom bought some new tops. Thank God we have the same size so I can borrow some of her clothes. 

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