Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

3 days to go and I'll be celebrating my 16th Birthday. I'm kinda not excited for it maybe because I don't want to grow old. Haha. So my Mom's plan is to cook on my birthday to have some small celebration with my friends and family. I asked my friends to come over here and I hope all of them will come. 
Srsly I don't feel the vibes of my birthday but I want  to receive some gifts. Hahaha =))) Here are some of the things I want to buy for myself but if someone is willing to give it as a birthday gift to me, it's better. 

My type of tops today is just simple. I don't want to look so formal and girly everytime I go out especially when I'm just going to malls. I think loose shirts and sweaters will do. 

It's still the same when it comes to bottom. As usual I prefer to wear shorts than pants but since I'll be going to college next year, I need to practice wearing those. 

This is all I want on my birthday. I don't want to have a new gadgets because it is too expensive and I'm also satisfied with my Iphone. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIY: Iphone Case

So I am thinking of another DIY Thinggy to make and I came up to an idea about the Customized Iphone Cases. Well, as we all know that us girls are not satisfied with just one design for our phone and we always want to partner it on our outfit and mood as well. An ordinary Iphone Case costs 300-500 pesos and the customized case is 500 and up. Too expensive right? So here are some of the photos of my DIY.

Cases are available HERE! 
With this DIY case, I don't need to spend too much money for my phone. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

From DIY to Business

So last 2 weeks ago, I tried  to make some DIY Ombre Shorts for myself but some of my friends saw it and they're interested to buy. Dang posted it on Tumblr to ask if someone's interested to buy. So I had a three order of shorts and I made it last Sunday. 
So here are some of the photos:

Yellow and Orange Ombre Shorts with Studs

Pink and Violet Ombre Shorts with Studs
If you're interested and you want to order, just follow me on Twitter and if you also have some questions, you may follow me on Tumblr too. Thanks! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY: Studded Ombre Shorts

So this is my first time to make a DIY Thinggy. Since I'm absent today and I want to make my day productive, instead of making my projects I made a DIY Ombre Shorts. Seriously I've always wanted to have one but the shorts were kinda expensive so I've decided to make by myself.

Well, if you know Runawaydreamz they're selling some ombre shorts but it costs $140 and up. Too expensive right? Why don't you think of making your own ombre shorts too? 
So here's the materials to be needed:

1.It's better if you have your old denim shorts cause in my case, I bought a white denim shorts in affordable price. 
2.Of course you can't make an ombre shorts without having a fabric dye. You can buy it in department stores and even in National Bookstore.
3.Studs were optional, it's up to you if you want to put some studs on your shorts too look more good and it's okay too if you don't want. 
4. Scissors and Pusher. Well you need it if you want to destroy your shorts but not totally to detroy, only as a design. 

If you're interested guys and you don't have time to make it by yourself, you can also order it to me. Just follow me on Twitter and DM me your questions and reservation. Thanks! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


So last Friday, August 3, 2012 all the UPCAT Takers in our school was dismissed early to have some time to rest. We had our mass and our pencils were blessed. So before going home we went to church to pray for our own intentions. Me and my friends decided to go to BHS and Market Market to have some fun so here are some of our photos.

Seriously, thanks for the UPCAT Review in our school. It is the reason why I found this lovable friends of mine. I really love my girls. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

UP Diliman Tour

Since we're going to take the UPCAT on August 4 and 5, me and my friends decided to go on UP Diliman to look for our buildings. It was really fun although it was kinda tiring. So we met at school around 9 am in the morning and we went to SM MegaMall to have our lunch. 

Photos are owned by my friend Nicole and Winona because my Mom didn't allow me to bring my phone and camera. So here are some of our photos taken last Saturday.

It was really fun riding on an MRT with your friends. We're just like first timers! Hahahaha =)))

I don't know why I'm not looking at the camera. Funny meh. =))
And of course we can't go home without having our picture together.
Sorry for the low quality. We're all crazy that time.
So yeah, as soon as we got our UST Permit, will go on UST to have our tour even though our exam will be held in school. Haha

Thursday, July 12, 2012

UST Application Form

Finally got my application form yesterday. Well, I'm gonna take USTET and UPCAT as well. I can really feel the senior life seriously. Me and my friends are talking about the entrance exams we want to take and it is really hard for us to do all of those things at the same time. Lessons, entrance exams for college, NAT. All of it plus those projects like thesis etc. So as much as possible I want to take exams from different universities so I can have a lot of choices on what school I'll be going. 

I got my application form HERE. 
If you think the information is incomplete, I just deleted/edited some of it because it's too personal. Well, In my case we are required to print the application form we got form the site and submit it on our school. I have completed all the requirements but I'm just too lazy to submit it. Haha So we'll be having our UPCAT Review tomorrow in our school so there will be some changes. I'ts good for 1 month and I'm gonna miss my classmates for sure. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

First Unit Test

Testing days are coming! Well, it's the first exam being a Senior student. Lessons were kinda hard so I have to put a lot of effort for me to pass the exam. We don't have our books and binder yet so of course I still need my notebook for the notes. 

It sounds new for me when our teacher in Computer told us that he'll just post the notes of our lesson in Facebook. It's easier for us not to write super duper long notes anymore. In my case, I chose to print all the notes he posted. Even our lecture in C.A.T, I printed it. It serves as my Reviewer for the test. Haha

We had our homework in Filipino where in we have to translate our favorite song in Tagalog and we'll sing it in front of the class. I chose You and Me by LifeHouse 'cause it's easy to translate than to my first choice which is Jetlag. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

GhostGirl: Home Coming

"The to-die-for sequel to teen phenomenon GhostGirl"

So we went to Trinoma awhile ago to celebrate my Tita's Birthday and I bought the book 2 of Ghost Girl I just read a few days ago. The story of book 1 is really good so I get interested to finish it until to Book 3. Well I'm so excited to read it! Haha. 

Our exam for the First Grading is finally coming so I have a lot of things to do. I hope I can start reading it even though I still have to review our past lessons for the exam. Ugh.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

Reading books is not my hobby. I usually get bored everytime I try to read some books and now I'm posting about books. Sounds weird right? Well, I don't own any books except for Bob Ong's book. So today I am reading "GhostGirl" by Tonya Hurley and you know why am I doing this? The book's cover get my attention.  So the book isn't mine. One of my classmate borrowed the book to Rheina Mea, our classmate also. So I asked if I can borrow the book too. I started reading it and the story is really interesting. It's not about ghosts or horror etc. It's about the girl who feel's invicible in her school. As if she's not even existing and you know, she died because of GUMMY BEARS. Yup! Gummy bears. Haha So yeah you should try reading it too. As soon as I finish reading it, I'll buy the book 2 which is The Homecoming. 
So thanks to Rheina Mea Larion for letting this book to me.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who's Ready For School?

Oops! Not Me. 
So yeah, it's our First Day of Class tomorrow and today is the start of sleeping early everyday and waking up early in the morning at the same time. Well back to my everyday routine again. Haha I can't believe I'm an official Senior High School Student tomorrow! I'm kinda nervous going to school alone tomorrow. I mean, all students are looking at you while walking and some of your friends don't talk to you. All of us are like strangers seriously. Plus! Introducing yourself for how many times. It really sucks. I really hate the feeling of that.
So here are some of my stuffs for school.

So every year I have my new school shoes and bag but since my grandmother sent me a bag my Mom din't buy me anymore. I went to National Bookstore to buy a notebook for my notes this year. As you can see, my Reaction by Kenneth Cole pouch is kinda old cause I'm using it since I was in Second Year High School. School is providing us our books and school supplies like notebooks, pen, pad papers etc. so we're not buying anymore. 

I got my Application Form for UPCAT last week but I had my studio picture awhile ago so I'll just submit it on Tuesday. Haha I'm too lazy to prepare this and I haven't go to school for my I.D Picture! Too lazy huh, well I'll just do that tomorrow. Look what I've found! My baby picture! Childhood Memories. I was just 2 or three years old that time but now, I'm a senior high school. If I can just go back to that time. Ughh. 

So I'm not yet preparing my things for tomorrow, I'm not yet ready to go to school, my mind is still on vacation. Please stop the time. Haha :(( Still can't decide what to wear. Well, the simpler the better. I might wear a simple shirt tomorrow.