Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who's Ready For School?

Oops! Not Me. 
So yeah, it's our First Day of Class tomorrow and today is the start of sleeping early everyday and waking up early in the morning at the same time. Well back to my everyday routine again. Haha I can't believe I'm an official Senior High School Student tomorrow! I'm kinda nervous going to school alone tomorrow. I mean, all students are looking at you while walking and some of your friends don't talk to you. All of us are like strangers seriously. Plus! Introducing yourself for how many times. It really sucks. I really hate the feeling of that.
So here are some of my stuffs for school.

So every year I have my new school shoes and bag but since my grandmother sent me a bag my Mom din't buy me anymore. I went to National Bookstore to buy a notebook for my notes this year. As you can see, my Reaction by Kenneth Cole pouch is kinda old cause I'm using it since I was in Second Year High School. School is providing us our books and school supplies like notebooks, pen, pad papers etc. so we're not buying anymore. 

I got my Application Form for UPCAT last week but I had my studio picture awhile ago so I'll just submit it on Tuesday. Haha I'm too lazy to prepare this and I haven't go to school for my I.D Picture! Too lazy huh, well I'll just do that tomorrow. Look what I've found! My baby picture! Childhood Memories. I was just 2 or three years old that time but now, I'm a senior high school. If I can just go back to that time. Ughh. 

So I'm not yet preparing my things for tomorrow, I'm not yet ready to go to school, my mind is still on vacation. Please stop the time. Haha :(( Still can't decide what to wear. Well, the simpler the better. I might wear a simple shirt tomorrow. 

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