Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ghost Girl by Tonya Hurley

Reading books is not my hobby. I usually get bored everytime I try to read some books and now I'm posting about books. Sounds weird right? Well, I don't own any books except for Bob Ong's book. So today I am reading "GhostGirl" by Tonya Hurley and you know why am I doing this? The book's cover get my attention.  So the book isn't mine. One of my classmate borrowed the book to Rheina Mea, our classmate also. So I asked if I can borrow the book too. I started reading it and the story is really interesting. It's not about ghosts or horror etc. It's about the girl who feel's invicible in her school. As if she's not even existing and you know, she died because of GUMMY BEARS. Yup! Gummy bears. Haha So yeah you should try reading it too. As soon as I finish reading it, I'll buy the book 2 which is The Homecoming. 
So thanks to Rheina Mea Larion for letting this book to me.

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