Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY: Studded Ombre Shorts

So this is my first time to make a DIY Thinggy. Since I'm absent today and I want to make my day productive, instead of making my projects I made a DIY Ombre Shorts. Seriously I've always wanted to have one but the shorts were kinda expensive so I've decided to make by myself.

Well, if you know Runawaydreamz they're selling some ombre shorts but it costs $140 and up. Too expensive right? Why don't you think of making your own ombre shorts too? 
So here's the materials to be needed:

1.It's better if you have your old denim shorts cause in my case, I bought a white denim shorts in affordable price. 
2.Of course you can't make an ombre shorts without having a fabric dye. You can buy it in department stores and even in National Bookstore.
3.Studs were optional, it's up to you if you want to put some studs on your shorts too look more good and it's okay too if you don't want. 
4. Scissors and Pusher. Well you need it if you want to destroy your shorts but not totally to detroy, only as a design. 

If you're interested guys and you don't have time to make it by yourself, you can also order it to me. Just follow me on Twitter and DM me your questions and reservation. Thanks! :)

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