Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

3 days to go and I'll be celebrating my 16th Birthday. I'm kinda not excited for it maybe because I don't want to grow old. Haha. So my Mom's plan is to cook on my birthday to have some small celebration with my friends and family. I asked my friends to come over here and I hope all of them will come. 
Srsly I don't feel the vibes of my birthday but I want  to receive some gifts. Hahaha =))) Here are some of the things I want to buy for myself but if someone is willing to give it as a birthday gift to me, it's better. 

My type of tops today is just simple. I don't want to look so formal and girly everytime I go out especially when I'm just going to malls. I think loose shirts and sweaters will do. 

It's still the same when it comes to bottom. As usual I prefer to wear shorts than pants but since I'll be going to college next year, I need to practice wearing those. 

This is all I want on my birthday. I don't want to have a new gadgets because it is too expensive and I'm also satisfied with my Iphone. 

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