Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sembreak Part 1: 10-28-12

I'm officially 16! I can't believe it, before I was just a little girl playing her doll alone but now I'm all grown up. My Mom decided to cook and celebrate my "Sweet 16" in our house so some of my friends came over. It was really fun. Not only my friends but my family, relatives and others came to have fun with me. It was kinda weird because most of the presents I received was cakes. If I still remember I received seven cakes. My Lola said "feeling artista lang ah." when I told her about it. Haha it was my first time to received too many cakes on my birthday but the most favorite cake that I received was from him. Well, even my friends bought me a cake. I was so touched because I'm not expecting them to give something for me but they did. So here are some of the photos.

This photo is one of my favorite, Nozomi is really cute here seriously. Oh by the way say Hi to my haggard face. Haha! I don't care what I look that time. It was really hot and I was too busy entertaining my guests. I really enjoyed my birthday this year. :")

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