Thursday, July 12, 2012

UST Application Form

Finally got my application form yesterday. Well, I'm gonna take USTET and UPCAT as well. I can really feel the senior life seriously. Me and my friends are talking about the entrance exams we want to take and it is really hard for us to do all of those things at the same time. Lessons, entrance exams for college, NAT. All of it plus those projects like thesis etc. So as much as possible I want to take exams from different universities so I can have a lot of choices on what school I'll be going. 

I got my application form HERE. 
If you think the information is incomplete, I just deleted/edited some of it because it's too personal. Well, In my case we are required to print the application form we got form the site and submit it on our school. I have completed all the requirements but I'm just too lazy to submit it. Haha So we'll be having our UPCAT Review tomorrow in our school so there will be some changes. I'ts good for 1 month and I'm gonna miss my classmates for sure. 

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