Monday, July 2, 2012

First Unit Test

Testing days are coming! Well, it's the first exam being a Senior student. Lessons were kinda hard so I have to put a lot of effort for me to pass the exam. We don't have our books and binder yet so of course I still need my notebook for the notes. 

It sounds new for me when our teacher in Computer told us that he'll just post the notes of our lesson in Facebook. It's easier for us not to write super duper long notes anymore. In my case, I chose to print all the notes he posted. Even our lecture in C.A.T, I printed it. It serves as my Reviewer for the test. Haha

We had our homework in Filipino where in we have to translate our favorite song in Tagalog and we'll sing it in front of the class. I chose You and Me by LifeHouse 'cause it's easy to translate than to my first choice which is Jetlag. 

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