Sunday, March 24, 2013

02-24-13: Seniors Prom

After how many months I finally had a time to share my special events in my life (again).
Sorry for not updating my blog for almost 4 months. It is because of my busy life being a senior student. We have a lot of schoolwork to do and requirements to pass, at the same time I'm too lazy to post and upload some photos. 

So last February 24. 2013 we had our Seniors Prom at The NBC Tent in Taguig City. We all know that all Junior and Senior Students are waiting for this special day to come and I'm one of those students who are excited! The theme is "LICSIANS in Paris" so it's more on Vintage Theme. I chose color silver and black for my dress because for me it looks more elegant than other color. We decided not to buy my dress in Malls but instead, nagpatahi kami. The designer told me to submit an inspirational dress that I want to wear so he can pattern my dress to it and I chose the dress of Selena Gomez. The dress is not a common long gown and it has body. So the style of the dress is somewhat mullet dress.

The program started around 6:00 pm until 12:00 in the morning.
Since we have our dance, we are required to submit our cameras to our Adviser to avoid picture taking during the program because for sure all of us won't pay attention to the program. 

My friend Winona Bantigue was awarded as Miss Personality that night and I am so proud of her. 

Of course the night will not end until we have our picture together. <3

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