Monday, April 15, 2013

03-23-13: Graduation Day

After how many years of studying in my alma mater, La Immaculada Concepcion School I am now an official Alumna! 

So I graduated in LICS last March 23, 2012 (Saturday) and I can say that I am really proud of my co-graduates specially to myself. I can't believe we're now going to enter our next chapter in life. This day was the best and saddest day of my life. Well, of course I'll miss my school, teachers, batchmates, classmates and even kuyas and ates who became part of my everyday life as a student. Seeing those people smiling at me makes me really sad. How I wished I could just see them again in the future. I remember those good and bad memories that made my highschool life complete.

My highschool friends! Too many to mention but I want to thank them all for being there for me everytime I have no paper, I don't know the answers etc. Haha just kidding. They really know how to make me happy specially when I'm not in the good mood. I'm not sad for them because I know that even though we'll be in college and for sure we'll meet a lot of new people, our friendship will still remain in our hearts and memories.  Actually we planned that at least once a week/month we'll have a time to go out together. 

So much for it! So here's some of our pictures during our graduation. 

In our special presentation, we perform two original songs that was composed by Jenny Sze Mui Ng (Here In The End It Will Begin) and by the IV- St. Peter (The Best Thing Ever).

(1st Photo): Me, My Mom and Kyle. (2nd Photo): Me, Wendell, Rheina and Marina

(1st Photo): Me and Jp. I look so haggard here. lol (2nd Photo): Me and Christine

The only photo I have with my moderator, Mr. Bautista.

With my Kuya, Bestfriend, Tatay, Body Guard, Admirer(lol). With my Boy <3

My supportive 1st Year Teachers who waited for me to have our picture. I'm gonna miss them. 

Too many photos! Haha So those are the people who became part of my wonderful journey in my High School. Thank you for all the support and helping me to become who I am today. Without you guys, I am nothing. 

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