Sunday, April 21, 2013


Well, finally I can really call myself a Thomasian since I was enrolled last April 18, 2013.

I am really happy that we are both accepted in UST. When you can still remember, I took USTET and unluckily I didn't pass both 1st and 2nd choice because of that English Subject. Ugh.. But when I submitted a Reconsideration Letter last March 1, 2013 and went back to UST last April 8, 2013 to ask about it one of the Staff asked my name. When I said Santos, Kurt... He said "Ang swerte mo may interview ngayon at kasama ka. Bumama ka na at kumuha ka na ng application form." And I was like... Seryoso?! I was too nervous that time since I'm not prepared and I don't even know what to answer in my interview. When it's my turn, I never thought that it would be so fun. Akala ko nakikipag-chikahan lang yung one of the professor to me dahil may iniinterview pa yung dean. Then she said "Oh sige na nga pipirmahan ko na to, pang miss universe naman yung sagot mo eh. Basta wag kang iyakin at magpupuyat ka ah." I was really thankful talaga. 

On my enrollment Me and my Mom left our house around 6:00 in the morning since my schedule is 8:00-9:00 and we arrived at exactly 8:00 am. (Too hassle right?) Obviously UST is located at Espana, Manila and we're here in Pasig City so it took us 1 and a half to 2 hours to get there. When we arrived at school, I don't know that parents aren't allowed to enroll their child since we are now old enough to do those things. So of course I enrolled myself and after that we went to the Main Building to have an I.D Picture and to get my P.E Uniform as well. Seriously I'm not satisfied with my look even though it's fine but we'll gonna use it for the rest of our college life so it must be really good. Haha. We don't have yet our I.D since it will be given to us on our First Day of Class (I think so.)

I also got my schedule after my enrollment and luckily I have no classes on Saturdays and Sundays. 
Fitness is my P.E this first sem and I think it's really fun since I want to lose weight. Hahaha At the same time it's indoor so I won't suffer to the too much heat of the sun since it's really hot these days.

Our uniform is just a simple blouse and a black slacks. We can also use black pants, skirt or leggings.

If you're thinking why I'm so proud to be a Thomasian, it is because UST is my dream school. I really want to study in UST since I know that it can give me a good quality of education, it's on the top 4 Universities, students and other people there are so nice and I know that it is safe to study there. At the same time, I'm also happy because even though we belong to an average family and we're not that rich since my Mom is a single parent, I can still study in big universities or private schools like UST. :)

Oops! I forgot to tell you guys, I will be taking Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts in UST so if you can see in my schedule, we don't have any Math and Science Subject.

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