Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Picks I Like

Seriously I really don't know where to start. Haha
So since you all know that I'm kinda "Fashion Enthusiast" sometimes and I really want to follow all the fashion trends here in the society and I cannot do that because in the first place "Where will I wear those clothes?" I do not have any events to attend or photoshoots like the Fashion Bloggers and I do not go to malls all the time, that's why I decided to put up a business. Last week I talked to my Mom about it and she said it's a good idea and that's how it started.

So let's talk about the name, if you're asking why "Picks I Like" is name of our business, it is because we patterned the name of it to the name of our family business which is "Pixelike" - Pics I Like (Pixel + Like)  for Photobooth and Printing Shop. That's why we chose Picks I Like for your picks/choices of your clothes that you like for your fashion styles. I think it's enough. So much for it. Hehe

So here's some of the photos of the clothes we are selling.

I just want to ensure you guys that all products we are selling are in good quality. Just like what I'm saying, why do we need to suffer on expensive branded clothes if we can have the same styles in most affordable way. Always remember, fashion is not about luxury, it's all about how you express yourself and make yourself stand out without spending too much money. All of us should be a smart buyer! :)

For more details or questions, you can contact us at:
    Instagram: @picksilike
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/PicksILike 

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