Saturday, July 20, 2013

UST Freshmen Walk 2013

Finally had a time to update my blog and post everything. Well, since I entered college life everything seems different to me. Not like in High School, I always have some spare time to relax, do some activities, and update my accounts but now.. I'm an official "Zombie". (You'll find out on my next blogpost.)

All Photos aren't mine. I didn't bring my camera that time so I do not have my own photos. 
Credits to the owner of the photos (Jemy Sta. Ana and Kenzo Young)

So let's move on to the main topic. THE UST FRESHMEN WALK 2013.
Last June 07, 2013 We had our TWW 2013. Thomasian Welcome Walk is a yearly event where in all Freshmen students from different colleges will pass through the Arch of Centuries. This is a symbolic event that tells us that we're an official Thomasian. 

Seriously, it was really fun. I can't explain how I feel but there's a tears of joy saying that I am now a part of Thomasian Family. 

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