Monday, May 21, 2012


So I'm with my cousin and tita (again) awhile ago. We went to Market Market and BHS to buy some clothes for ourself again and again. Haha We're not satisfied with the clothes we bought in Greenhills last Saturday cause some of it was quite expensive. So here are the stuffs I bought awhile ago.

I really want to have a cardigan since the beginning but I don't know where to buy. I have two cardigan but it's short sleeve. I bought it on Nava for 290Php only cause it's sale. 

I have this kind of top (Hype it Here.) but it's color black so I decided to buy a sheer top again in different color so I can wear it in school. 

Guess what?! This cute little white shorts with floral design and a gold belt from thrifted store is only 100Php. Yes! 100Php only I bought it without hesitating! 

It's good to buy some things you want using your own money. You can really appreciate it because it is the result of your hardwork. Just like me, I am so glad my Mom thought me to buy/get the things I want using my own hardwork and money. At least I learned how to value all the things I have. I also learned how to save money and be a wise buyer at the same time. Seriously good clothes is not about the brand, you just need to find some clothes which are affordable and durable at the same time. 

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