Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simply Pretty

It is normal for every girls to wear/use make-up to look good.
 It makes us more formal, sophisticated and beautiful.

I don't understand why some of the girls with the same age as mine wear heavy make-ups. I mean they put too much of it so it makes them look old (sorry for the words) and too matured. Well, we all know that it's a fact. "May pinagbabagayan din ang pag gamit ng make-up", it'll just look good for us if we put it in a right way.

Well, I'm 15 years old and I don't see myself  becoming a senior student. I still act like a child seriously. I don't wear sexy clothes and most of all I don't use make-ups.

Baby powder, comb, mirror and lip balm are the things I really need. I bring them everytime I go out and especially in school. I use comb of course to fix my messy hair. To avoid oily face, instead of using face powder I use baby powder and lip balm for my lips. I think I'm satisfied with my look everytime I have this things.

Of course as a girl, I also use make-ups in special occasions too but not in my everyday life. I think baby powder is enough. I'm planning to buy a lipstick when I go in college but I'm not yet sure about it. I admit it, my face is not flawless. I have pimples sometimes and I think hiding it using make-ups won't work. It'll just ruin our face.
Well, it's just an opinion. We don't need make-ups to look beautiful. The simpler, the better and true beauty can't see in the physically appearance of a person. Just be yourself and always think positive for the better outcome :)

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