Thursday, May 17, 2012

What A Girl Wants

(Don't mind the title) Haha.
So yeah, seriously I want to have a manicure & pedicure before the school year starts but I have no time to do it. I got it once and I think it was last March and I had a simple nail polish in my hands but I didn't enjoy it too much. So summer/vacation is about to end and I want my nails to be colorful even just for one week. 

I think neon colors fit perfectly especially this summer. If you're "kikay" and you want your nails to look cute and pretty you should use this type of nail polish. And also, bright colors are attractive :)

But if you want your nails to look clean and simple, choose skin tone and very light colors.

If you have budget then you should try to have a nail art. I swear it's really fun! I miss having it. I had a nail art last year and it makes my nails happy! Haha :)) 
I cut my nails so it's too short but I'l try to have a nail polish within this week. 

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