Thursday, May 10, 2012

Philippine Basketball Association

Seriously I'm not a big fan of basketball especially PBA or Philippine Basketball Association but when Cj invited me to watch the Finals with his family, I became interested to it. At first, I'm not familiar with the rules and regulations like foul, free throw etc. but when I started watching it, I understand already their rules. 

Watching basketball is really fun especially when you're watching it live. You can really feel the pressure between the two teams. There are some fans who are really supporting their team and some are shouting "boo".  Haha. It's really fun. I had a good experience watching it in Araneta. 

So let's talk about my favorite team. 
B-Meg Llamados are our favorite team since the beginning. So it was owned by the San Miguel-Purefoods company and their old name was Purefoods. Their head coach is Tim Cone.

So here are some of the players of B-Meg Llamados:

James Yap
Marc "Sakuragi" Pingris
Pj Simon
Josh Urbiztondo
Mark Barroca
Yancy De Ocampo
JC Intal

So yeah we are so happy that B-Meg won the Commissioner's Cup last Sunday. Thanks to Denzel Bowles for carrying B-meg over Talk N' Text.

Go HERE if you want to see the next schedules. 

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